Welcome to the Frozen Republic

I am ever more convinced that America is indeed a frozen republic; and that Traffic-and-Parking is the refrigerant in the tubes. Fears about T&P lock us into the current form; preventing us from addressing all manner of issues from balanced budgets to housing affordability and segregation to clean air and water. Frustrating.

For example see this Strong Towns article. The same thing plays out locally [here in Grand Rapids], but nobody writes about it.

Get MMAAADD, be a voice of reason, show up. There is not much else we can do.

The Least Honest Question & The Most Honest Answer

Question: Can't we all just get along?

Answer: No.

Working together is hard work, there is no way around that. Compromise and listening are necessary. Sometimes that will involve people yelling at each other. Sometimes that will involve being yelled at.

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