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I am a Systems Architect and Python developer living in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Systems Architect @ Morrison Industries.

Chair, Executive Board of the Highland Park Neighborhood Association, 2019-03 -

Founder of MMAAADD (Multi-Modal Advocates Against Auto-Dependent Development)

I write city/urban related stuff @ UrbanGR.

Former Executive Committee Char of the Michigan Association Of Rail Passengers, 2019-02 - 2020-11
Previously served as Vice-Chair and Meeting Coordinator.

General Info

  • Items of a technical nature are posted on my technical BLOG at Whitemice Consulting
  • 2 dogs, 3 cats (Itzal, Nayden, Faustina, Tarmo, Lajha)
  • I own a 1919 Model-T Ford Depot Hack.
  • Certified SCUBA diver.
  • GPG/PGP key: D95ED383
  • Cyclist and advocate for a multi-modal transportation system.

The Broken Sloping Grid

In response to the previous post - Fantasy Map (Parks) - someone pointed out that part of the answer has to be connectivity. An alternative to making more of something closer to where someone is, is to make what exists closer. AKA: connectivity. Something may be nearby, yet if there is a barrier between you and it, then it is effectively further away. This is a good point.

Fantasy Map (Parks)

Updated: 2021-01-26 20:25

For Conversation: Highland Park has two parks, located on the west side of the neighborhood. It also has places which serve as pseudo-parks - open spaces which are not parks but which people often use in a park-life fashion.

I dislike "but", and I'll tell you why.

The term|word "but" in the English language is strange; sometimes it is a modifier, other times it is only a conjunction [like a word semi-colon]. I suspect that "but" creates a lot of confusion and frequently muddles or side-tracks conversation. We need less "but". I'm taking a late new-years resolution to find other ways of more accurately expressing "but"-ness.

Size Arrival Effect

Crushed Minivan

The rate of very big things crushing much smaller things - like automobiles and humans - is at record highs.. This has some safety officials baffled. And I frequently hear "It's a train!" when there is news of a pedestrian or motorist being crushed by an 8,000 ton object moving through space on the exact same course it has followed for more than 100 years.


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